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Other TV projects

Omri Galperin

Travel writer & journalist

For many years, I worked as a reporter in the TV channel Teva Hadvarim. The reports were on diverse content including nature, tourism and health.

I also presented for some documentary movies for Israeli TV in the series Heroes of the State and Israeli painters.


Lately I completed a 10-year project, a documentary movie about the holocaust survivor and one of the important Israeli compositors Yaakov Hollander. The movie is entitled 'I will remember my way'.

Links for few of my TV documentary projects:

I'll remember my own way: The Holocaust survivor Jacob Hollander (channel 13)

The story of Kibbutz Lehavot Haviva - Documentry

Jacob Chayat - a painter

Leo Ray - a painter

Dorit Levy - a painter

Jacques Sterenberg - a painter

Pól Skarðenni (a painter from the Faroe Islands)

Nir Sami (documentary) - channel 10

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