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Omri Galperin

Travel writer & journalist


I am Omri Galperin, an independent travel writer and journalist.

I publish and broadcast mainly for the Israeli media.

I specialize in the fields of tourism, culture and nature.

As an independent journalist, I have written for several medias, including print magazines and internet sites, as well as worked for several TV stations as a director and presenter.

I have covered already about 50 destinations worldwide. Some of them were for my TV show 'Touching the World' but the majority was for print magazines and leading Israeli internet sites.

In my personal life, I am married to Orit, who is a biologist and a photographer. We occasionally work together on magazine projects.

During out life we mainly lived in Israel but spent two years in the Faroe Islands, where that I worked on my first book, which is soon to be published. Currently we live in England, which it is my current departure destination.

I have a BA in Media and Political Science from Bar Ilan University. I have my Master degree in Holocaust studies from Haifa University  as well as a B.Ed. Diploma from Oranim Collage. I love teaching pupils and giving lectures to all ages. Furthermore, I obtained an international Tour Guide certificate from the Rimon Institute.

In my spare time, I play drums, make cheese and even produce natural soaps.

As a travel writer, I am interested in cooperating and discussing relevant proposals regarding press trips. I look forward to hearing from you so we can explore all options.

As I love writing, I published my first novel book 'The Island at the edge of the Ocean' (2021). The book is available  in Hebrew.



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